What will be discussed?

In this year's theme, Legacy, we will discuss how to bring forward the tradition that has been left by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) for a future that is filled with love and hope. We will touch the many aspects of our life as a Muslim and discuss how we can together leave a legacy that our children can build upon.


We were young once. Now some of us have families of our own. What are the changes in our roles and responsibilities as we grow older? What is the best way to build a legacy that we'll be proud to leave behind.


Adolescence is a time of excitement and anxiety. This is where the foundation of our legacy starts to take shape. How can parents and youths work together to navigate through these formative years?


A leader's legacy is a by-product of decisions one makes driven by his or her personal values. How do we equip our youths and adults to become purposeful leaders in the community?


What kind of a world are we leaving behind for our children? Will there be any trees left? Will there still be wild animals roaming freely in the open? As a Muslim, don't we have a responsibility towards the environment?


Your worldly estate is part of your legacy. Preparing for death includes more than spiritual acts of daily ibadah. What is the proper way to write a final will and testament according to the sunnah?

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